Garden Tidy Bags 

Delivered in Townsville area

Tired of wasting your weekend doing a run to the dump just for your palm fronds and green waste?


Green Ant Garden Bags will take away your garden and grounds rubbish/green waste. Simply call, text or email and we will give you a quote for a service that suits you. Once you are happy the Green Ant Garden Bags Team will deliver and install a garden bag to put all your green waste in, then empty it for you each month. It's the easy hassle free way of dealing with your garden waste.

  • Easy to get started by simply calling, text or email stating your full name, address and contacts.
  • Prompt bag service with delivery in 24hrs.
  • Free set up of bag and support frame.
  • The monthly service is $15. Minimum payment option is 6 months
  • Long term prepaid customers get the one month free servicing.
  • Discounts apply for new customers if paid 6 or 12 months in advance.
  • Our Garden/Green waste Bags hold a little more than 2 Wheelie bins in volume.
  • We will change your bag on site, so no need for you to put it out on the street for collection.



To qualify for your free first service, your service term is to be paid in advance and within the first month of receiving your Garden bag. You must remain a customer for a minimum of six months.

If you don’t require service collection this month just call by 5pm the day before and we will postpone your pickup. Failure to notify us will result in your bag being serviced.

If we cannot access your Garden bag on your service day you will need to arrange an additional service at the standard monthly service rate. (The main causes to service interruptions are a dog in the location of the bag, locked gate, vehicle or other form of blocked access). Please contact us if there is a change in access to your property that may prevent access.

Overdue accounts may incur additional fees.

Bags must be serviced regularly to prevent deterioration of the bags caused by both the material in the bag and the weather.

This service is for Green waste only.

This means palm fronds, plant cuttings, weeds, grass clippings, leaves etc.

Not to go in bags.

Soil, plant matter or weeds with soil attached, dirt, sand, gravel, pebbles, stones wood, household rubbish, cardboard, paper etc.

Bags containing any of these materials will be sent to the Townsville waste station and will incur additional charges.

Overfilled bags can create a risk to the safe work limit of our equipment and the health and safety of our delivery driver. Overfilled bags will be reduced to a safe working limit on site or may not be serviced on the service day. An additional service may incur additional fees.

Any damages to the bags or frames will be charged at replacement cost.

Green Ant Garden Bags pick up will be made on the same day every month. This day will be set in consultation with you when the bag and frame is dropped at your property.  The only exceptions to this will be weather, public holidays etc.